Commercial Law

We provide the following Commercial Law Services:

  • Business Rescue Advice and Representation;
  • Building and Construction Contracts and Disputes;
  • Review and Drafting of Contracts and Terms and Conditions;
  • Negotiating Contracts;
  • Information and Communications Technology Contracts and Disputes;
  • Collection of Outstanding Debts;
  • Insurance Claims, Repudiations and Disputes;
  • Commercial Litigation; and
  • many other Commercial Services.

Drafting of Contracts

Standard contracts from a Google search is not much different from a verbal “gentleman’s agreement”. The only difference between the two is that the one is written and the other one not, but neither is a smart choice.

How many times did you diagnose your common cold with a life-threatening disease when you Googled your symptoms? Google is not a doctor and also not a lawyer. Search engine results are random and generic, while properly drafted contracts, are unique and specifically addresses your needs.

Be smart and let us draft your contracts for you. We can guarantee you that you will be better off when a dispute arises.

Review of Contracts

Clever people make stupid mistakes.

You want to close an important deal, but the other contracting party provided you with the contract. He probably had a lawyer drafting the contract and his lawyer definitely said something along the following lines: “I’m putting in clauses X, Y and Z. It is probably unfair, but hey, if they don’t pick it up, you can pull the strings.”.

We know you are a clever businessperson and you know how to run your business, but if you are not a lawyer, you should not sign a contract without first obtaining legal advice.

Leave the legal jargon to us and focus on running your successful business.

Contract Negotiation

Stop compromising and start standing your ground… confidently and proud. With one of our attorneys present at negotiations, you will avoid the feeling of remorse afterwards.

Emotion sometimes gets the better of you and you stop thinking clearly. We will remain objective during negotiations and prevent you from cutting a bad deal, just because you are desperate.

We don’t say you should never compromise, but to compromise to your detriment, will cost you a lot more in the future.