Corporate Law


You can trust your business partner with your life, but how can you be assured that you won’t be double-crossed?

Director’s liability can be avoided if you voted against a certain decision, but how do you prove your vote without proper resolutions, minutes of meetings, etc?

When a deal goes south, and the Directors are found to be personally liable, will your business partner let you off the hook or want to drag you down with him.

Allow us to prepare proper resolutions for every decision taken by the directors. Not only will you have peace of mind, but it might just save you from future hardship.

Compliance advice

Are you familiar with all the compliance requirements of your business?

Are you familiar with all the procedural requirements of the Companies Act and your company’s MOI (Memorandum of Incorporation)?

If not, you are at risk, playing Russian Roulette and dodging the bullet… until the day you don’t.

Allow us to advise you on your compliance requirements and take the bullet from the gun.

CIPC Services

Are your details updated at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission? If not, you are contravening the Companies Act.

The Registered address of a company is the legal address of that company. Whenever communication and notices are to be sent to a company, proof of delivery thereof at the registered address is sufficient for legal purposes, even if the company is no longer at that address.

If you recently amended your MOI (Memorandum of Incorporation) but have not registered the amendments at the CIPC, that amendments are invalid.

We can assist you with all your CIPC needs, whether it be the registration of a new company or the maintaining of company records, we can do it all.

Business Orientated Services

Being a small or medium-sized business does not mean that it should be run with a small or medium mindset. Running a business, big or small, requires the same input, if not more in the case of a small or medium-sized business, and small or medium-sized businesses are exposed to the same risks of a large business. However, large businesses can generally absorb much more risk.

Larger businesses rely on staffed legal departments to cater for their legal needs, but small and medium business usually neglect the legal side of their business, simply because they don’t have the resources to employ full-time legal professionals.

Botha Bezuidenhout Attorneys Inc understand the legal risks of small and medium businesses. We not only understand the risks, but we also appreciate your limited resources. For this Reason, we developed flexible Retainer Options, aimed to provide an effective and affordable legal services solution for small and medium-sized businesses.